One evening as a father was helping his young son get ready for bed he talked about what Christians should be like and how they should act. When the father finished describing the attributes of a Christian, his son asked a startling question: “Daddy, have I ever seen a Christian?” The father was stunned. What kind of example have I been, he wondered.

Imagine being asked that question by your son or daughter. The word of God calls us to teach our children about God so clearly that they should have no reason to wonder if they’ve ever seen a Christian. The writer of Psalm 78 calls us to help our children to know the things of God by teaching the laws of God that will help protect and preserve them. And such teaching happens as much, if not more, through our lives as through our words! Our children will look to us in the day-to-day situations of life to see what being a Christian really looks like. That is one reason why God, speaking through Moses, instructs to “impress” upon our children, God’s commandments, by talking “about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you get up.” (Duet. 6: 6-7)

I know it’s a big order to fill, but we fathers are to do everything we can to reflect God and His character to our children. As they look into our faces, listen to our words, and watch our lives, they are to see a man of Godly speech and actions. Granted, you and I are a work in progress. Our Christian growth comes day by day as, with God’s help, we take off the old self, those attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors which reflect the sinful side of our nature, and we are transformed by His Spirit into a more Christ like person. Our children are watching the process. How are we doing? What are they seeing?

God calls us fathers to train and nurture our children in His ways, and that kind of teaching comes by our living example as well as by specific teaching times. When we ourselves are growing in our faith, we can reflect God’s grace to our children, and they will know that they have seen a Christian.

Take a few moments today and ask your children what they think a Christian is. Learn from their response where you can sharpen your example and make that the focus of your prayers.



    The Bible teaches us In Proverbs 18:22, “ He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord”. We men don’t realize how blessed we really are. Here’s a poem I found that helped me to realize just how hectic a day can be for my wife.

Every minute, to and fro, that’s the way my hours go;
Bring me this and take me that, feed the dog, and put out the cat.
Standing up, I eat my toast, drink my coffee, thaw the roast,
Empty garbage, make the bed, rush to church, then wash my heads.
Sweep the kitchen, wax the floor, scrub the woodwork, clean the doors;
Scour the bathtub, then myself. Vacuum carpets, straighten shelves.

Eat my sandwich on the run… now my afternoon’s begun.
To the baseball game I go, when will there be time to sew?
Meet the teacher, stop the fight, see the dentist,  fly the kite.
Help with homework, do the wash, iron the clothes, put on the squash.
Stop for groceries, cash a check, fight the crowds…now I’m a wreck.

Dinner time it soon will be. “What’s for supper?” Wait and see.
Dirty dishes crowd the sink, next there’s popcorn, then a drink.
Will they never go to bed? Will I ever get ahead?
“Bring me water,” “Get the light.” Turn off TV, lock the bike.

“Where’s my pillow?” “Hear my prayers.” “Did you lock the door downstairs?”
At last in bed, my spouse and I, too tired to move, to weak to cry.

But e’er I doze, I hear him say, “WHAT DO WOMEN DO ALL DAY?”


My wife says, finally someone who understands (ha). Husbands, do you ever wonder what your wife is doing all day while you’re at work. If your like me I’m sure you’ve said, “Honey, What have you done all day!” Come on guys tell the truth, if you have not said it you’ve certainly thought it. Read the poem again and look around your home, it should certainly open your eyes to the demands that your wife faces each day.

     As I have watched Bekki and others, I am amazed at how much they get done all at the same time. They seem to be able to juggle a lot more balls that I can. One day with the kids and tending to all their needs, I have to admit, makes me a basket case. So if watching your wife in action doesn’t give you reason to appreciate her, consider the standards that God has for her in Proverbs 31.

  • She is very valuable
  • We are to have full confidence in her
  • She works hard
  • She is to oversee her family with wisdom & compassion
  • She is to bring honor and respect to her husband
  • She is to be respected and praised by her children
  • She is to be praised by her husband
  • She is to fear the Lord
  • She is to be rewarded and appreciated for all she does 

That’s a tall order for your wife and mine, but a wife who strives to meet these standards is a real helpmate to us. God knows what we need in order for us to maintain a godly home, and He tells us here in Proverbs 31. Husbands, our response to this gift of a godly and hard-working wife is to thank God and to appreciate her. For with out her, our homes would be empty of the many virtues that make our homes successful. Take time today to consider all that your wife does and then let her know just how much you love and appreciate her.



I can’t recall the number of times that I have said to the Lord, “Lord, would you please hurry… Please Lord answer my prayer… Please Lord bail me out of the middle of my trouble… Please Lord give me a fresh sense of Your working in my life.” I’m sure you’ve said this a time or two over the years as well.

But there is one well established principle in the Scriptures, and it is dramatically demonstrated in Jesus’ experience. “You can’t rush the resurrection.”

Matthew’s gospel records no less than three times that Jesus clearly predicted that he would be killed by His adversaries and that He would rise again on the third day. These advance notices of His resurrection are forceful arguments for Jesus’ Deity, purpose and power. They also offer a valuable lesson for you and me. If I am walking in the simple path of God’s will for my life, I can never be conquered by anything. I may be down, but I’m not out. He will get me up again, and He dictates when that will be… on the count of three.

Have you ever seen boxers, knocked down by their opponents, trying to scramble to their feet too quickly? Rather than taking the nine count, and using the time to recover their balance, they attempt a quick bounce back. It’s almost as if they’re trying to convince themselves, the crowd, and their opponent that they were not really hurt. Somehow, a downed boxer’s identity seems wrapped in his hurried rising, and I’ve seen it often, it leaves him wobbling, staggering, and open for a quick knockout at the hand of his opponent.

Consider with me, families: If Jesus could have called for a thousand angels to appear and spare Him the suffering on the cross, don’t you know that He could have called for an early deliverance from death? The message of His submission to the Father’s timing, as well as the Father’s plan, is profound in its application to your life and mine.

Don’t attempt a humanly energized “bounce back” from those circumstantial “knock downs” you encounter in life. God has His own kind of “mandatory nine-count”: it’s a third day rising for everyone who will wait for His timing of miracle deliverance.

“Easy to say, Gene, but I have waited longer than three days, or three weeks, or even three months. In fact I’ve been waiting for more than three years. What about my resurrection?”

I hear you. And I know the pain often wrapped in that kind of inquiry. But the answer is in a return question: “Have you entrusted everything concerning your case to Jesus?” If you have, then the entire matter is sealed and delivered, in His resurrection.

The message is this: As surely as Jesus rose on time, your triumph will be on schedule also. In fact, I’m sure Lazarus’s schedule probably seemed a day late to everyone else as well.

Have a wonderful Easter and may the Lord continue to shine His presence upon you. And remember, His resurrection is your triumph.



While I was searching through the scriptures and looking for a word of encouragement, I came across a passage located in the book of Ezekiel. The last sentence in the last chapter of the book reads, “And the name of the city from that time on will be: ‘The Lord is There’ “.

I thought to myself how awesome an honor to be named by God, “The Lord is There”. I love this verse because to me I picture a people who love God with all of their hearts. A people not ashamed to declare His majesty. They desire God’s presence to be in their families, their Churches’, and most of all, their Nation.

Lets purpose in our hearts this coming year to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. To love Him with an intense, passionate love that burns brighter with each passing day. Let us surrender our hearts to the one purpose of the constant pursuit of His presence and hear Him say, “I Am There”.